Do You Need a Second Passport?

Finding the freedom to enjoy your life to the utmost is incredibly important. Risking your money and even your life with just one passport or citizenship is not a good idea.  With the increasingly aggressive government focus on wealth redistribution, you can bet that your capital will be targeted.  In addition, with just one passport, you are at the mercy of the government, with no means to leave the country should the government choose to cancel your right to have a passport (and they can do that).

Doesn’t changing your passport mean that you don’t love your nation any longer?  This is one question that hangs up quite a few people as they attempt to find the best way to enjoy life on their own terms.  The answer is “no.”  You can love your country, without supporting its government.  Government is a transient thing, changing with the blowing winds of popular opinion.  The traditions, cultures and family that reside in your country are the things you love and feel a connection with, not the government.  There is nothing wrong with seeking another citizenship and loving your country at the same time.

Arbitrary acts on the part of the government can leave you with more than a bad taste in your mouth.  You can find your bank accounts drained, find yourself facing lawsuits in court or even trumped up criminal charges – these are the actions of a corrupt government.  Having another passport or another citizenship allows you to take yourself and your family out of this mess.

Obviously, having another passport can be a tremendous advantage, especially when the situation in your home country becomes intolerable.  It’s highly advised that you have a second passport, or even another citizenship with a nation outside the one into which you were born.

What you must realize is that seeking a second passport does not mean you are not patriotic – it means you’re smart, that you’re prepared and that you’re willing to protect your investments, your life, your liberty and those of your family.  It means that you understand that love of country should not put blinders over your eyes and that an unjust government can and will do everything in its power to get its fingers into every aspect of your life, simply because it can.  Dual passports or citizenship can help you safeguard all that you’ve worked so hard to get.

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