EA INCREASES Price OF THEIR Video games TO $80!? – OH HELL NAW!!


EA is going to charge for their games next generation! Xbox One and PS4 will the two be seeing for EA games!! WTF!! GAMERS, WE Need to NOT Let THIS TO HA…
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Right here are their numbskull phrases here for your enjoyment and disdain alike – http://www.ign.com/articles or blog posts/2013/02/27/electronic-arts-building-microtransactions-…
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42 Responses to EA INCREASES Price OF THEIR Video games TO $80!? – OH HELL NAW!!

  1. caponenheather

    I am in total agreement with you. This goes to EA and any company that
    wants to screw us. I and my fellow Gamers will not stand forbthis.we will
    unite and boycott. Consider your asses warned.

  2. IRNatman

    EA needs to die.

  3. HappyTriscuit

    EA sucks.
    Capcom sucks.
    Most consoles this generation suck with 5-10 FPS.
    Little kids beg their parents to buy them shitty games from shitty
    companies just because it’s made by Capcom or EA.

    God this generation is a nightmare. It doesn’t even feel next gen.
    When it went from N64 to Game Cube, it felt like a massive change. I mean

    What’s the newest innovation this gen?

    Oh yeah… higher priced consoles and games… yay.

  4. shadowagent

    Boycotting EA won’t be an issue for me.That company’s been shit for a very
    long time.

  5. TheProjectUltimatum

    I’m switching to PC gaming anybody else wanna come to Steam with me?

  6. DarkRenaissance2012

    This is why i always stay 6 months to a year behind the trends…
    Hell, Im just now going to buy myself a PS3, since the price has
    dropped, and all the AAA games are reviewed and identified, and on the 2nd
    hand shelf for cheap!!

  7. Mark T

    xbox drons are like republicans they love to get fucked up the ass by

  8. KevinFisch420

    Already happens in europe with 60€ games

  9. dburrs1

    Call of duty sucks and ill admit I play it sometimes its a guilty pleasure.

  10. KingArthur13th

    “Battle for everyone’s souls” from Persona 3. XD

  11. DarkRenaissance2012

    great points all around! We vote on our gaming preferences with our

    You sir are hilarious lol

  12. Mark T

    Gamer’s have weaker constitutions then the people that shop at walmart.

  13. Shea Malcolm

    Is that Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 music playing in the background?
    Nice! You’ve got great taste my brother.

  14. Jack Wall

    DEATH TO EA!!!!!!

  15. Klonoa20

    Ps, yay for shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 !

  16. John Smith

    go pc……

  17. Eryk Rorbach

    Really EA! Each game will realy cost $80! That price is to high it should
    be for example $ 19,99 Or $30,00! Please discontinue this high price,
    because you are making the same mistake as Microsoft did with Xbox One.
    Microsoft learn the lesson and right now there is no issue!

  18. Mike Hall

    Madden is an expensive roster update and Live was a flop.. Aint gettin my
    80 bucks

  19. nightsavior1

    I will not buy a game for $80.00. Sorry, $60.00 is my limit for “brand
    new”. Hell, I usually even wait for games to go on sale for around $39.99
    or $29.99 before I bite! I got to live and survive so I cannot afford to
    put entertainment first.

  20. Justin Cowgill


  21. MrKasenom

    If you live outside of the US, the equivelent of 80$ for a video game is a
    rare deal, but of course EA knows lesser (not better) and will probably
    have it at MXN$1200+. (More than a hundred)

  22. keith2k1

    EA charging $80? Nope. Steam is a joke. Used steam for 6 months and finally
    gave up. Yes I do play PC games but steam can kick rocks. 

  23. Kurosaki Ichigo

    $80 is about £50… lol still not worth it since it’s from EA. I say £10

  24. Kalixz

    Thats funny because look at all of the praise for Titan Fall right now,
    when that bitch comes out just watch all of the crying. haha

  25. yacine isthemastah

    stuff like this encourages piracy true story

  26. polypumkins111

    Seriously man! EA is a b*tch with the dam transactions.


    Well ea guess I’m not buying ur shit ever again 

  28. Martin Kincl

    Congratulations EA! You’ve invented a new game distribution format. You
    should name it “pay-2-pay”.

  29. ELnS STUDiOS


  30. PollyGlodd

    I’m glad EA will not make any game for wii u. 

  31. Patric Opitz

    I know this is quite old already and it goes even further now, but i want
    to speak my mind anyway. Id gladly pay for a well made free to play game,
    as long as i am not forced to do so. But for a full retail game that
    already costs 60 bucks?! Not ever in my life

  32. Josh Upchurch

    I get the feeling next gen gaming will be full of this crap. Ea especially,
    but the rest of them will follow.

  33. ChePennyDK

    How ironic got an ad for Need for speed Rivals before this video! And I
    agree 100% with you, microtransactions is only ok in free to play games.
    And I did stand my ground this time, being a long time fan of the
    battlefield series, I have not bought BF4 after the fuckfest that was BF3,
    I even told my friend I would burn it when he asked if he should buy it for
    me. I pissed of EA customer support so much they didn’t even send me mail
    about the release, which is some of a jump from being invited to alpha and
    beta test on BF Heroes and BF3.

  34. UnitedFreelancers

    The thumbnail is a facepalm, ’nuff said.

  35. 666hammerheart

    I borrowed Battlefield 3 from a friend because I wanted to try the online
    mode. He made it sound awesome. Was I able to play? Fuck no. I had to BUY
    an online pass to play online, and already paying to be able to play online

  36. BananaProductions

    And I thought DLC was the worst. It seems like everyone is putting
    microtransactions in their games. Even Nintendo is doing it! 

  37. pingkiulee

    EA ruined bf4

  38. acetraker1988

    Fun times cause I don’t buy EA games

    However EA blames there loss of sales on pirating not their stupidity, the
    only solution is for the company to go bankrupt that won’t happen cause
    fools still by their games and they know it 

  39. Blaine LeBlanc

    Hmm who will go out of business first EA or Nintendo :P

  40. Anthony Liberty

    if it was cheaper and would later be unlocked anyways then yes.

  41. Corey Momochi

    I don’t buy DLC or whatever unless the game is either fantastic,or it
    doesn’t overflood the market with worthless DLC

  42. Marcus Smith

    BF4 turned out ok for microtransactions though they rushed it to release as
    what any developer would call a beta. You get the full game w/ dlc if you
    buy it and then buy premium which brand new was $110 USDA but I’m holding
    off on getting it till I get a PS4 or computer than can run it well and by
    then it’ll probably add up to $80-90. The microtransaction “feature” are
    battlepacks which are randomized purchasable unlock packs for guns that
    include gun attachments and camos, you get some guns unlockable through
    getting DLCS, just like in BF3, and every attachment you can unlock
    eventually from just using the weapon though there might be camos you need
    to pay money to get which is fine since that’s purely aesthetics and don’t
    create a “pay to win” scenario.