[Free Download] The Sims 3 Planet Adventures

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On 7:35AM US Eastern Time on August 1st 2008, The Sims Online was closed by EA. This video paperwork the interface and some small gameplay components, for nost…

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23 Responses to [Free Download] The Sims 3 Planet Adventures

  1. Khen Chay Nguyen

    Look same The Sims 1

  2. Pixe1ina

    I miss this game so much! 🙁 

  3. Blayer98


    lol has anyone’s mood increased? :P

  4. LordWaffles

    The sims online was a great game i played like once

  5. OldGamerClasic

    EA always ruins everything good

  6. Bongo2k

    brings back memories of alphaville and Mia Wallace

  7. Sarah Wolfe

    They should bring it back! :'(

  8. 09999abc

    I miss this a lot it reminds me of when Miuchiz was shut down.

  9. Gabe Nelson

    uh uhm, uh uhm, uh uhm… lol

  10. Shadow2006

    Isn’t this sorta the predesscor to Roblox, as with the people search and
    massively online database.

  11. SimSimEnVirtuel

    LOOOOOL, Since 6 years, wtff , Go to Sims 3 then! Even sims 4 will be
    released sooon

  12. Sam Kardell

    This game never really went the direction I thought it would go. I thought
    of this game as a co-op sims. Living in the same household, with maybe some
    roleplay elements etc. But most people just seemed to sit around raising
    skills and AFK. for what? Who knows?

  13. Amanda Cobb

    Wow this looked cool

  14. JailBreakMKTP

    People have brought the game back, just not working properly. And hardly
    anyone online anymore.

  15. InebriatedAssClown

    Mad nostalgia from this video

  16. Уитли

    Это чё самый первый симс ??

  17. Samantha White

    does anyone know if there is a game now a days that’s similar to this? I
    miss it so much

  18. Psycho Yuri

    ooooh good old days! I hope they will bring an online out with the Sims 4
    or whatever..

  19. Terabite

    haha nice how did it a lll cost 6000,999

  20. silverkingukable

    Was fun till they stopped it

  21. Evan B

    5 years ago and i can still remember doing maze with my friend from hong
    kong like it was yesterday.

  22. Moondeath

    Oh man, thanks for having this video here, nostalgia hit me hard. Miss this

  23. David Banjoko

    looking for an alternative? Try “Second Life”