Installing The Sims two + expansions on mac mavericks, mountain lion, lion, snow leopard

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The Sims 3 Base Game + ANY Expansion for PC or Mac

This video is a lesson how to get The Sims 3 base game and any expansion. You will need Torrent: Winrar or Unrar for mac end users: http://ad…

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29 Responses to Installing The Sims two + expansions on mac mavericks, mountain lion, lion, snow leopard

  1. joshjones927
  2. joshjones927

    I think its all to do with the location of the UBCrack try dragging it to
    your desktop and installing it from there or the applications/the sims 2
    folder itself. hope this helps everyone! (i think i had the same problem to
    begin with and doing this helped but the again i cant really remember now)

  3. Diego López

    hi, i already installed the expansions but i cant open the SIMS 2 app it
    continued saying its not supported…. what do i do 🙁 please help. TY

  4. Jennifer Gan

    I figured it out! Thanks anyway! <3

  5. K implix

    Seems that the main game isn’t letting me play it. Even if I go into the
    package, i can’t see how to load it up. Any advice will help me

  6. Claire Theilken

    ive tried to get this to work but its telling me something about my
    expansions pack

  7. Emmanuel Brossard

    Why did you delete my comment instead of answering it? There’s something

  8. Amber Lucas

    I have been looking for this information for a long time!!!! I hate TS3
    but thought it was the only game I could play on Mavericks.

    I went to the torrent but I’m asked what I want to open it with when I
    click on it. What type of program am I supposed to use or what option do I
    choose there?

  9. Line theland

    it’s not working for me, i have done everything that you said in the video.
    i used the link too, but it stands Please insert the disc ‘The Sims 2
    Seasons’ or press quit when i try to play the game.. please help me

  10. Jessica Kim

    Can this work with the original DVDs?

  11. Aja Jayne

    Are you able to install any other expansion packs other than the ones
    present and bon voyage? I cannot find any to download like freetime or
    family fun stuff?

  12. XxRollerGirlsxX

    What website did you download the sims 2 from?

  13. TuttiDutti

    I used the link you gave in the comments and it downloaded successfully but
    when it was turn to download The Sims 2 it had a white cross over it and it
    just wouldn’t install at all. Is there something, anything that I can do to
    be able to install it? 

  14. danielle hillman

    it still won’t work for me :'( Please Help ! I have Mavericks

  15. Alyssa Bartlett

    The fact that this was so easy makes me so happy and so angry at the same
    time. I bought Open for Business almost a year ago… and only now do I have
    it installed! Bless you for uploading this, you have no idea how happy I am
    to finally have these stupid expansion packs installed!!!!!!

  16. Kieran Highlawn

    It says to insert the sims 2 Seasons disk

  17. Isa P

    The Sims 2 icon has the cross thing on it. I don’t know how to install it

  18. Chris Chan

    I have installed sims 2, university, nightlife, open for business and
    seasons. I copy paste the sims 2 seasons UBCrack into the sims 2 folder in
    my application. When I tried to run the game it says Please insert the disc
    ‘The Sims 2 Seasons’ or press quit. I am using OS X 10.9.3

  19. Violet Olivetti 2003

    Thank you so much! I kind of had a seizure when it started working…

  20. VideoAndMore

    I did everything you said, but the only problem i am getting is that the
    game will not appear, i cannot play but neither it is giving me an error..

  21. ChrisChross

    where do i get expansions?

  22. Rebecca Pimenta

    I did everything in your video, step by step, but when I click on “The Sims
    2 Seasons UBCrack” it says “Please insert the disc ‘The Sims Season 2’ or
    press Quit”. Please help me!

  23. Grace Choi

    can i install this without all the expansions besides seasons?

  24. ItzRainingUnicornz

    I cant patch seasons 

  25. AlwaysGraceful

    Will Custom Content work with this? Thanks!

  26. Uyên Nguyễn

    Hi! Nice video and great stuff you got there! I’ve downloaded the EPs I
    wanted, but when I click on the expansion Icon, the launch menu pops up, I
    click play, it says please insert disc. Is there any ways to fix this? I’m
    running OS X 10.9.4.

  27. Sharrdaaayy Dee

    Hiii I recently downloaded an expansion pack for my other official Sims
    games how do I merge it so that Sims 3 recognizes it as an expansion?? I’m

  28. hi

    how do u open thee files with dameon tools

  29. CHANEAC Camille

    Hello,i I just downloaded but I can’t install files that are not .iso
    format like The Sims 3. High End Loft Stuff. what should I do? (Mac)