Is the Shaun T Deluxe Insanity Workout Worth Getting?

Shaun T recently came out with a new workout called Shaun T’s Insanity Workout. He also made available a deluxe edition of the workout. What is the difference between the regular and the deluxe?

First of all the regular insanity workout comes with 10 DVD’s, a fitness guide, nutrition plan and tracking tools. None of the workouts on the first original workouts require the use of weights or resistance bands. Shaun T uses body resistance for the workouts. The 10 DVD’s cover every part of your body, from you arms, to legs, to core.

So if the first 10 DVD’s are complete why would you need the extra 3 DVD’s that come in the deluxe package? Well I will simply let you know what comes in the deluxe package and let you make up your mind as to whether you will need it or not.

Inside the Deluxe Insanity Workout.

It comes with 3 extra DVD workouts. The first of the workouts is called Max Interval Sports Training, next is called Insane Abs and last is the Upper Body Weighted Workout.

Max Interval Sports Training is an extremely difficult training system that Shaun T has used to train professional athletes. This workout is no joke. It is extremely difficult to do. It is a step above all the other 10 DVD’s in the normal workout.

Insane Abs is similar in its difficulty to the Sports Training. There are plenty of abdominal exercises in the first 10 DVD’s, but none are as complete or as difficult as this.

Upper Body Weighted Workout is Shaun T’s only DVD that uses weights. He shows you his techniques for using weights to achieve the upper body that most people desire.

All in all it is a very good thing to be working out and bettering your body. Whether it is using Insanity or going to the gym or some other form of exercise, just make sure you get out and do it.

Jake is a young man that loves fitness and exercise. He writes to inform people of the importance of the exercise to live a long and healthy life. Jake suggests checking out the 10 minute trainer for an awesome workout. Or to learn more check out this hub on the Deluxe Insanity Workout.

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