Lets Play: Sims Daily life Stories (S1)-(Portion.1)-(Welcome to Four Corners)w.lifesimmer

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Video Rating: 4 / five

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A comprehensive play by means of of the Pc daily life Sim game: The Sims Life Stories. Portion One of Chapter A single. Created by Maxis and EA (Doy)
Video Rating: four / five

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36 Responses to Lets Play: Sims Daily life Stories (S1)-(Portion.1)-(Welcome to Four Corners)w.lifesimmer

  1. Sophie Laby

    Omg as soon as u started speaking i knw ur vids were going to be amazing cause u sound so much fun 🙂

  2. Theodora Georges

    you are cool!

  3. fluttershy128

    I love your voice its so cute

  4. eleanor200110

    i think its mickey as in mickey mouse the disney charcter 🙂

  5. Tracey Walker

    My house is green!!!!

  6. unico1021

    I its Mike-yy.. Or maybe im wrong

  7. V Rich

    Did u no that our universe is smaller than a googol????

  8. V Rich

    Hello! I am just like you!

  9. LilSollieWithVevo

    Hi… *chuxkle*

  10. PhotoFanatic1989

    Wanna play wanna play wanna play… Oh. And look forward to the new pets stories xD

  11. PhotoFanatic1989

    Arrrrrg I wanna play Sims 2 nowwwwwww!!!!! Grrrr dammit Dad! You never even played them since over a year ago!! Lol

  12. PhotoFanatic1989

    I have this.. I’ve never played it…but the disk is gone…lol grrrr. And now I wanna play my Sims two… But my dad has the whole box of my games

  13. StarleePie47

    It’s Mickey. Like the mouse.

  14. Emily Hazel

    My sister was watching this and would not show me the title

  15. leon102

    You’re joking, right? It’s The Sims Life Stories. Just like the title of the video says.

  16. Emily Hazel

    What game is rhis

  17. leon102

    You’re welcome.

  18. SimsLuxuryShow

    Oh, wow! I never knew there was more to it because I don’t have this game and I’ve never played it… but thanks for explaining it to me!

  19. leon102

    You are half correct. There are two pre-made stories, one for male, and one for female. But there is also a free-play mode that works the same as The Sims 2. After all, the purpose of this game was to make a Sims 2 that ran on lower end computers, and lap tops.

  20. SimsLuxuryShow

    This game is different because in the actual Sims 2 game, you play freely and however you want. But in this game there is a story line so you don’t have an option to create Sims. You use a premade Sim and follow how the game goes along.

  21. 43djh

    I also like this game better than Sims 3 because it had a Story line. I wish Sims 3 had a Story line. You hear that EA? I WISH SIMS 3 HAD A STORY LINE.

  22. 43djh

    I remember playing this. It was Riley’s story, where she visited her aunt Sharon, and her aunt left to be with her friend, and she met Mickey and Agora. She ended up marrying Mickey, and Agora went to jail because she kidnapped Aunt Sharon. And when Aunt Sharon got back she gave the house to Riley and Mickey. I miss this game. Wish I still had it. I also remember that once you got to a certain point in Riley’s story you unlocked Vincent’s Story. I don’t remember it though.

  23. CeeBear216

    This is my childhood dude, you have no idea TT.TT thank you for the upload! <3

  24. poupan1

    Is a story here 🙂

  25. 30TisdaleToBieber

    The fist time i played sims was this .. it was before 6 or even more years .. this was my favourite mission .. even now when i have all sims 2 collection and sims 3 so far .. this will always be in my memories .. favourite mission favourite game who made me sims hardcore member from 2005

  26. ashleysims82

    It is The Sims 2. I have it also, it’s just a story version. In this game it doesn’t have fears or cars. And not a big town. Yess, it’s the sims 2 once again

  27. isabella thompson

    it is…….

  28. hflgoulart

    We complete missions and it becoems epic after some…like Castway Stories and Pets stories…wich are amazing with such adventures and missios!

  29. TF2Surprise

    Think they meant where you got it. I can’t find it as well, pretty old. :3

  30. hpatdh077

    what’s the difference with sims 2 ? apart from not having any expansion?

  31. Cosmaline

    @ellie hojeily Yes. This game has a storyline you’re supposed to follow.

  32. Eduardo Karpinski

    muito bom! seu video! american (boy)(girl) ! good! good! thanks!

  33. sebastian villarroel

    where i can dowloand?

  34. NatWolff43567890

    nope but u cant get mods or anything

  35. NatWolff43567890

    how did u flim this i have this game i play it alot cus i unistall all the sims 2

  36. leon102

    Actually it plays exactly like the pc version… because it is,lol. It’s just that they made it for weak computers and added in a couple of stories to play through.