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Love is the most beautiful part of our life . Though love is of various kind , but the romance come with a intoxicating fragrance into the life . And when it comes , it leaves traces of tears in the eyes, and it is up to your fate ,what kind of tears you will get. Are those of pleasure or of pain . When we are in love , both are welcomed, are not they?

History is full of love stories and there are people , who has saved these stories in black and white. These are the cheap books which, by only their touch can let us feel the glory if love. Story, be it a true one or a fiction , if it is a love story, it is always near to our heart, if once we had read it. We love to relate ourselves to the characters and always fantasize ourselves to be a part of the story.

There are books, which from the time they were written till today , are glorifying the essence of love.

Jane Austen’s “pride and prejudice “and “Emma” are every readers favorite. Emma is a story about a girl who love to play a matchmaker ,but herself got confused when she found her true love. Or” The Duke” by Gaelen Foley , is about the love story of pompous duke and his courtesan.

The most liked fiction romantic novel of today, is written by Stephenie Meyer. “Twilight” has vampires and werewolves in it, as there main characters . This is novel is about a vampire, who fell in love of a human girl . Story take the twists, when girl’s friend came up to be vampires enemy clan, the werewolves. This novel, like many other novels, has became an inspiration for a Hollywood movie which was most liked by viewers.

You can find various other novels and cheap story romance books online. You can compare the price on these site. Some sites let you have a sneak peek inside the story and you can even read whole novel on some sites.

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