Must I get Sims one expansions or Sims two?

Question by Bethany S: Ought to I get Sims 1 expansions or Sims 2?
Okay, here is the deal- I have The Sims Deluxe Edition and I am planning on acquiring Hot Date then Property Get together then Unleashed… Well, I at some point want to get all of them. What with all this hub bub close to The Sims 2 I was wondering if I ought to get that a single alternatively. The dilemma is that it is so friggin much more then the 1st one. So I have no idea what to do!! I truly enjoy Makin’ Magic for Sims 1 (played it at my pals residence) and I am excited about obtaining that 1 sometime but then there are super ones like Seasons for Sims 2. I know there are greater graphics and you aren’t so limited but I enjoy Sims one- An individual please assist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by eyebrow
In my opinion I would get the Sims two, it has a much more realism factor too it, but if you have a computer that is nearly under the minimum requriements I would go for the Sims 1 Expansions which would offer excellent gameplay. All in all it’s up to you in seeing the one you wan’t to acquire. Take a search at some walkthroughs and see which 1 appeals a lot more to you, search at some game critiques as nicely.

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4 Responses to Must I get Sims one expansions or Sims two?

  1. patti

    sims 2 definately

  2. Syliss

    ok seriously, those expansions would cost more than Sims 2 and its expansions. I loved Sims and Sims 2 is soooo much better, i strongly suggest you get sims 2

  3. the TreeHouse Guru

    No question you should get the Sims 2. You will never regret it. The expanshion packs you will be able to get down the road for 2 will blow you away. Buy 2 and don’t look back.

  4. truth_serum

    I had Sims 1 and some expansion packs, but when I got Sims 2, it is totally worth it. Make sure your computer meets the minumum requirements (you can go to to see the system requiremunts). If so, you should TOTALLY go for Sims 2. It is so much more fun and advanced.

    I love how you can zoom with in inches of a Sim’s face and there are so many new features, items, etc. Sims are VERY customizable and the graphics rock. Everything is improved a lot. I could never go back to Sims 1. Although I loved it, once I started playing Sims 2, I think that Sims 1 is boring.

    I hope that helps you.

    Good Luck.