News: Early PS4 Hardware Failures + PS4 COD Ghosts at 720p + Xbox One particular Games Get Gamerscore Enhance

News: Early PS4 Hardware Failures + PS4 COD Ghosts at 720p + Xbox One Games Get Gamerscore Increase

Gamers who have received early PlayStation 4 methods are reporting them dead on arrival or failing when they perform games. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida speaks on the …
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13 Responses to News: Early PS4 Hardware Failures + PS4 COD Ghosts at 720p + Xbox One particular Games Get Gamerscore Enhance

  1. David Septimo

    Got my console at midnight, set it up early morning. Updated the console
    firmware and did the Ghosts update patch simultaneously and it has worked
    buttery smooth for me. Tested party chat, twitch streaming, psn game
    downloads, and some online multi player with no hiccups. Of course if
    people get a defective system they’ll complain but you don’t hear good
    things because majority of the people have no problems, like me, and are
    just too busy playing. Loving it. Greatness is here.

  2. Frank V

    Anyone who says “wobbly console, big deal get over it” is a true
    brainwashed fool. Your buying a $400 PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY and it can’t sit
    flat on a table? are you fucking kidding? If I could I would have ever
    single person return their console and demand a flat one like gtfo lmao you
    pay all that money and a receive an uneven console. pffff I expect that
    machine to be perfect. They make shit tons of money off of us and can’t
    invest an extra few dollars per console made to make it flawless because
    all their worried about is lining their pockets.

  3. LewiBeats

    Sony are so dumb. The reason console requires aim assist is because analog
    control mechanics are completely horrid and in accurate. It’s a
    activex%direction system. Whereas the mouse can have a physical translation
    of movement which sticks can’t. In most cases, professional Counter-Strike
    teams play on lower resolutions because it gives less pixels to focus on.
    It’s actually very common that they run at stretch 4:3 ratios due to the
    increase in FPS and the it maintains core visibility without black bars.

  4. CrackKat

    Why would you buy a system at launch that has no games? (Fuck off with cod
    and assassins Creed etc, they’re on ps360). Such a waste of $400 not
    including paying for online


    Yes it’s true that you do need a very powerful gaming PC for the best
    gaming experience possible with every game running on Ultra graphics,
    DirectX11, 1080p,1400P, or even 4K resolutions with well over 60FPS, I will
    admit my gaming PC cost me about $4,000, but like I said I’m buying both
    Next-Gen consoles ‘own my PS4 currently’ and waiting for the Xbox One to
    release on the 22nd now. The reason games look and play so much better on
    PC is because gaming PC’s can be upgraded with the newest High-End Nvidia
    GeForce Graphics Cards, Intel Core I7 CPU’s and everything else that even
    the PS4 and Xbox One can’t come close to, for example the PS4 and Xbox One
    have a locked 8GB of RAM (Memory), While my gaming PC has 16GB of HyperX
    Gaming RAM, the PS4 and Xbox One have 500GB of space, my PC has over 2TB of
    space (2,000GB), the Graphics in the PS4 are both integrated not using
    their own resources but instead linked to the CPU which is something known
    as a APU and running at only 1.6ghz…, Gaming PC’s have Dedicated Graphics
    cards that not only are extremely powerful but look amazing aswell and a
    great showcase for any High-End gaming PC when you see that awesome Nvidia
    GeForce GTX Graphics card with over 3GB Vram and almost 3000 CUDA cores!,
    than you have a Intel Core I7 rubbing at 3.6ghz+!, So there you have it, PC
    gaming is still the better and way ahead of the PS4 and Xbox One, but again
    I want to have all 3 so I can play Exclusives such as Forza 5 And Killzone
    Shadow Fall, but when it comes to the true gaming experience PC gaming is

  6. Gabriel Oversight

    I bought the PS4 on launch, got home, set it up, updated, put in a game, it
    died whilst trying to read, game got stuck, wont power on so it is now
    sitting comfortably on a plane to get repaired. this console has had more
    luxury time off and holidays than me.

  7. TheSuperNESman

    Its called cantilever design, its designed like that on purpose. One side
    of the console is heavier than the other side so rubber feet are placed on
    one side while the other side of the console is held up by its own weight.
    It will never wobble unless pressure/weight is put on the other side.

    They use this type of design in many things from bridges to houses and now
    in the PS4. Look up cantilever design if you don’t believe me.

    The design is flawless and I find it really cool that they implemented this
    into the design. More thought went into this then you probably expect.

  8. codeeast1224

    Sony is a better hardware company then microsoft… Sony will fix the
    problems easily. just because theres a few problems doesnt make it bad a
    very very small percentage is having problems… its not like the xbox 360
    where every console did the red ring of death… And the VCR is still even
    probably to small for xbox since they suck at hardware. Cant wait to see
    how many consoles have problems for xbox cuz if ps4 has very little issues
    then we know xbox is gonna have many many many more… and idiot gamers are
    still gonna go for that piece of trash that microsoft calls a games
    console… ya restrictions they get trashed and they change it all they do
    is copy PS and cant make up their mind… trash

  9. shawnthetaco10

    Main reasons I’m getting a PS4 is the price and I think the PS4 has a lot
    cooler exclusives than the Xbox One. Besides Halo, I can’t think of any
    other exclusives that really get me excited on Xbox. PS4 has Killzone,
    Uncharted, Infamous, and quite a few multiplatform games are giving
    exclusive content to the PS4 over the Xbox One. The Xbox One is more
    expensive because it has more features but I’m buying a console
    specifically for games, not a whole list of features I don’t need. But
    there are those who want those features as well that are gonna get the Xbox
    One. Both consoles are going to play games very well and both are gonna be
    good, I just think the PS4 is the better buy if you’re using your console
    for games and games only.

  10. Loren ishere

    some problems here some over there but give it a week or two and everything
    should be solved. that’s probably gonna happen to the xbox 1 it’s what is
    expected in system releases

  11. Yazan Sakran

    Lol activision and mcsoft are business partners, so activision lied about
    xbox one playing ghosts in 720pi to draw people into buying ps4 for 1080pi
    ghosts. When people figured out, they were initially expected to be angry
    at play station for lying. Good marketing ploy but fucked up as hell. We’re
    all gamers (except wii) but console racism is stupid

  12. TrueKrimzonOne

    Well, some people are not getting next gen (sorry, current gen now) and
    stay with the old gen. I don’t care anymore for ps4 xbone console war, just
    wish you guys good luck and no problems with them.

  13. carter brown

    Y’all say some dumb shit online buy what you buy but to say why ion want a
    game dat wobbles lol y’all sound dumb plus sitting it side ways ain’t gone
    make it anymore smoother play the games and stop bitching I mean the 360
    was cheaper and my lil Cuzzoe went thru 3 of Em my thang is if you like
    xbox games or you like ps4 games it’s not affecting either side