Pro Flight Sim. The Real Life Flying Simulator.

Pro Flight Sim. The Real Life Flying Simulator.

More than just games for learning to fly airplanes.

Almost every parent of a preteen or teenager knows computer games are
very powerful medium.

In terms of graphics, which are far enough from the early days of Myst
in terms of fun, the days of PacMan, in terms of discomfort, Pong, (one
of the first real console games), we now have the fabulous Pro Flight
Sim. The Real Life Flying Simulator

And much of this progress is attributable to the power of the
magnificent processors in PC’s today, That, and the imagination of the
programmers and game designers.

Many of these games under the guise of fun, are really educational
They can help preschoolers learn to add and subtract, teach them the
alphabet, and help them learn to read. plus aids in decision making and
problem solving,

Part of the aid in solving problems, from the mechanical point of view
(Thinking Things), a business perspective (Roller Coaster), or social
point of view (The Sims).

But none of these compared with the power of software that has existed
for nearly two decades. This software has been available and helping
people learn to fly airplanes:

Pro Flight Simulator is a premium package, i should know.

In Real-world use today of Simulation software, Pro Flight Simulator
is used to help train pilots. The navy, for example, issues flying
programs for their students.

The Training Centre elements of Pro Flight Simulator offer a massive
variety of flight paths,airports,(even your local airport) a choice of
time, a point of view of the cockpit(which allows the pilot to view the
site from a height of 30,000 feet), videos flight and a panel of IFR

Earlier versions were presented with a number of key features that have
improved or been updated. These are the landscapes in the real world,
accurate 3D terrain and auto-generated objects that meet the world with
appropriate buildings and vegetation, wherever it flies.

Jeppesen Nav Data database, including VOR, ILS NDBs and offers low-and

Today we have the perfect combination of technology, programming and
processing power to have almost the real thing, right there on our PC
or laptop or even on our games consoles.

Pro Flight Simulator is an extraordinary flight training program packed
with outstanding graghical sequences and a huge array of different
planes and choppers to choose from, making this the best experience in
flight sims i have ever seen.

These guys really helped me out, they may just be what your looking for
if you are considering getting yourself a simulator.

One word of advice though…it can take a while (HOURS) to download
because the program is a bit on the large side, so you may want to go
for the CD/DVD option instead

If you need to know more about Pro Flight Simulator there is a
extensive F.A.Q at the website for you to look through….

If you’ve ever want a real life feel to a sim, this is one not to be missed……
Try Pro Flight

FREE this week at our store:

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