Ps3 Consoles – Another Amazing System From Sony!

I’ve been a fan of the Playstation series since the beginning, and I proudly own a PS1, PS2, PSP and now a PS3 Consoles. I’d have to say that this system is wonderful! I like everything about it. It’s sleek, runs quiet, and pumps out an amazing picture (I’m only using a 26″ LCD that supports 720p Picture resolution.) I’m a little disappointed that it won’t play PS2 games, but I still have that system laying around. No complaints so far!

My system gets moderate to heavy use. Mostly as a DVD/Blu Ray player, though I’ve been playing way more games on it now that I have more time. It’s still going strong. I recently upgraded from the stock 80gb hard drive to a 500gb one. The upgrade only took a bit of reading, and a couple hours of time (mostly for system back up and system restore… actual physical labor was about 5 minutes of work…) Over the past year, I’ve dabbled with the multimedia features as well as many of the fun miscellaneous things the PlayStation Network provides.

Over all, I consider this a must-have system for anyone who wants a complete media center. This will store/play all your music, play all your movies and even work as a PC if you install Linux (my next project, actually.) My only complaint about it is still the lack of PS2 support on this model. I’m hoping for Sony to get their act together and release software emulation via the PlayStation Store… I’d be willing to kick them some bucks for the convenience of playing my favorite PS2 games without having to dig up my old systems.

PS3 Consoles – Brief Review

The PS3 Consoles is a remarkable next-gen console. Things that I enjoy about the PS3 Consoles is the capability of the system, the blu-ray player, and the controller.

The system has many features that resemeble the XBOX 360 like the media player. One thing that makes the PS3 Consoles far better than the 360 is the built in wi-fi.

Another great thing about the PS3 Consoles is the built in blu-ray player. It compares to high end stand alone blu-ray players at a more reasonable price.

The third thing that makes the playstation worth the money is the controller. Unlike the 360 remote, the PS3 Consoles remote is light and the buttons hit with smoothness and ease.

A few disappointments I found were in the backwards compatibility of a few models such as the 40gb version. Another thing that I would like to note is that the wi-fi is not as quick as the 360.

With that said I would recommend the PS3 Consoles to anybody looking to get into the next gen consoles or for someone looking for a standalone blu-ray player.

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