Ps3 Consoles – Definately Better Than My Ps2!

The PS3 Consoles can do so much more than a PS2. For one thing, it plays Blu-ray dvds and streams internet wirelessly. It also plays awesome games in great quality. I have mine hooked up to a normal tv, the same one I had my PS2 hooked up to. I used the basic cables that came with it and I could easily tell a difference in the graphics. It would look twice as good if I hooked it up to an HD tv with an HDMI cord. The wireless controller works well. There is a usb cable that plugs in the front. When your controller gets low, a message appears and all you do is plug it in and it charges while you play. But the charging cable isn’t very long and if you’re camped out farther away from your system, you’ll have to set up camp a little closer for the time being while it’s charging.

I have never owned the older version of PS3 Consoles, so I can’t say the pros and cons of this one vs. that one. But they say this one is quieter, more energy efficient, and smaller than the original. I never notice the noise of the fan when I am playing. Having it use less energy while still putting out the same great graphics is great too. This one is not PS2 compatible. Which is something I kind of wanted but considering this is the newest and cheapest model, I still went with this one. Only the very first model of PS3 Consoles is completely PS2 compatible. So then I was like, well I’ll just buy that one, it should be pretty cheap since its an old model. But I was wrong. That one sold for more than this one. Not just a few bucks either. You’d be lucky to get one for somewhere in the high 300s. So then I was like no way I’m paying $ 75-100 more for an older model that can’t do as much.

One of my favorite things about the slim is Netflix instant streaming. If you don’t have an account with them, your missing out. The cheapest you can get an account would be around $ 15 a month maybe. Now they have this box you can buy for $ 100 that allows you to instant stream movies for free. As many as you want, when you want. But if you get a PS3 Slim, you just go on the Netflix website and they’ll send you a free disc. All you do is put it in your System, and it works the same as the instant box. The PS3 Consoles is like a do it all box.

Over all, I’m pleased with the system. It occasionally freezes, but it can be prevented with a little thing called cleaning your discs and allowing your PS3 Consoles breathing time. The latter is only an issue if you play more than about 6 hours at a time. Any less and it doesn’t matter. But I’ve found that after I been kickin’ some butt in a game for 6-10 hours, my PS3 Consoles freezes more often, which is only about a couple times a day, but it’s still annoying. If you play for a long time, here’s what you do. Play your PS3 Consoles till you eat lunch or dinner. Then when you go to eat (unless you eat while you’re playing) turn off your system. Then when you come back it’ll be nice and rested and be ready to accompany you on your next quest.

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