Ps3 Consoles – Not Backward Compatibility

It is a great product, one of Sony’s bests! … but NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE
This is my only regret with the PS3 Consoles. It is not backward compatible with PS2 games. What does SONY expect? What should I do with all my PS2 games that it doesn’t matter the image quality? like Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Do they want me to have two systems or trash all those games? or maybe they want me to buy them again for PS3 Consoles? I’m very disappointed!!!! A lot of people counter by either saying (1) it doesn’t make sense to buy a PS3 Consoles to play PS2 games, (2) the graphics on the PS3 Consoles are better anyway so why bother with older games, and (3) including backwards compatibility would cannibalize PS3 Consoles game sales… I can’t afford to buy those games again for PS3 Consoles. …

Why bother with older games??? What are you thinking??? Isn’t Rock Band a great game? What about all the Guitar Hero Series? Why we cannot be able to use them in our new console if we have paid for them??? I always have been a SONY fan, but after this “dirty game” that they are playing … I don’t know!

PS3 Consoles – Big Bang, Little Console!

The PS3 Consoles Slim is considerably smaller than the Classic PS3 Consoles, which is incredibly handy for us. Our cabinet is too far away from our TV, so we have all of our electronics wall mounted. The PS3 Consoles Slim was a perfect addition for us. AND, the capabilities are endless! We love the Blu-Ray – who needs a separate DVD player when you have a PS3 Consoles Slim?! We’re looking forward to loading Netflix and taking that for a spin.

It is a bummer that we can’t play our PS2 games on the PS3 ConsolesSlim, but the PS2 works well with our play room TV. Besides, Sony did what they needed to do to keep the PS3 ConsolesSlim an affordable price…sorry for anyone that paid $ 600 for a Classic PS3 Consoles.

PS3 Consoles – Even Better!

You can reproduce Blu-ray disc, DVD, MP3s, Play Video games, Manage photos/albums, connect to the internet, download videos, etc. all in the same device.

Some people do not like Playstation’s games option but to be honest I think there are a vast catalog of games available out there no mention excusive games such as Little Big Planet.

As someone who not only for a video game console but also for a media center PS3 is the one to pick, and now, with this slimmer version no reason to look any other way.

When registering to the PSN sadly there are a few countries in the list so you have to pick the more convenience and this in the future could give some issues when buying from PSN store, this is the reason I didn’t give the 5 stars.

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