Sims 3 Crash – Why Sims 3 Crashes on Windows and How to Fix It

When we use Windows operating system while playing games, these games create a lot of registry entries. Windows registry is a database that stores information about all programs and applications. If we want to play multiple games without delays then it is necessary to keep our windows registry in order. Most of the Sims 3 crashes on Windows are because of corrupted entries created by games in the registry database.

If you want to play games without delays and pauses then using a reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer software is the best option. However, it is important to see the feature set of registry cleaner you are using.

Besides using such a tool there are other steps you should take to fix Sims 3 crash in your desktop or laptop computer.

In order to fix Sim3 crashes on Windows, you should perform following steps:

1. Clean and repair corrupted registry keys using reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer tool.
2. Install the latest version of.NET framework on your system.
3. Use download-manager while downloading.NET framework. To do this, you have to install EA download-manager from official EA website.
4. Remember to stay logged-in to your download-manager while downloading/installing the game.
5. Backup your saved files to a different folder and place it on your desktop.
6. Uninstall and reinstall the game if the first installation was corrupted.
7. Copy and paste the saved files from your backup folder to your saved folder.
8. Try updaing the patches manually. You can find Sims 3 patches on internet from where these patches can be downloaded manually. However, you would have to follow the sequence to install updates. Here is the link to install patches manually;
9. Fix Dll through Registry Cleaer/PC Optimizer scan and Update Microsoft Direct -X
10. Disable firewall/antivirus when updating/installing Sims 3.

Above guide enables you to rectify Sim3 crashes on Windows. In order to completely fix Sims 3 in your system the gaming experts recommend using Best registry cleaner and PC optimizer software to repair the corrupted registry keys created in the database of the registry. The tested tool for this purpose is RegInOut. You can download it in less than 16 seconds here: Sims 3 Crashes.

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