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Ps3 Consoles – Another Amazing System From Sony!

I’ve been a fan of the Playstation series since the beginning, and I proudly own a PS1, PS2, PSP and now a PS3 Consoles. I’d have to say that this system is wonderful! I like everything about it. It’s sleek, runs quiet, and pumps out an amazing picture (I’m only using a 26″ LCD that … Continue reading

Ps3 Consoles – Not Backward Compatibility

It is a great product, one of Sony’s bests! … but NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE This is my only regret with the PS3 Consoles. It is not backward compatible with PS2 games. What does SONY expect? What should I do with all my PS2 games that it doesn’t matter the image quality? like Rock Band or … Continue reading

Ps3 Consoles – Possibly Very good For Some But Not This Time

I have been gaming considering that the original atari came out and have owned almost each console out given that nes,64,ps1 and the ps2. I never owned the xbox because the ps2 was so very good (my individual expertise). I took the plunge and experimented with the 360 when it came out since the PS3 … Continue reading

Ps3 Consoles – Greatest Hardware Of All The Platforms

It is a not Brainier dollar for dollar PS3 Consoles Slim is the most bang for the buck hardware sensible. Xbox360 with it really is overheating and need to have for $ 100 include on for wifi is inferior. I am not going to argue Blue ray because I do not require to. If that … Continue reading

Ps3 Consoles – Nice Improvement

I determined to go with the new PS3 Consolesslim and didnt even comprehend it was out but, it actually did creep in below the radar and I thought it was just a rumor, which includes the 299 dollar price tag tag. Effectively I determined heck why not, received my 80 gig big ole finger print … Continue reading