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Pro Flight Sim. The Real Life Flying Simulator.

Pro Flight Sim. The Real Life Flying Simulator. More than just games for learning to fly airplanes. Almost every parent of a preteen or teenager knows computer games are very powerful medium. In terms of graphics, which are far enough from the early days of Myst in terms of fun, the days of PacMan, in … Continue reading

The Sims Life Stories – PC

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What if Life? A Guide to Biology Second Edition (Loose Leaf), Go Guide, BioPorta

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Writing Life Stories – How to Start With What You Have

I have always been fascinated with family stories and experiences. I come from a long line of storytellers, and I’m thankful for that. When I was a little girl, it was very common to sit on the porch on summer evenings with my parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle and listen to their tales of the … Continue reading

The Sims 1 PC + 4 Expansions (Hot Date, House Party, Unleashed, Life Stories)

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