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Latest The Sims Game News

Les Sims: Abracadabra Image by InSapphoWeTrust The Sims, a people simulator game by Maxis (now Electronic Arts), was the greatest video game hit ever, making its first debut in 2000. 2003 was the tail end of the shelf life of the original version, and this expansion pack, entitled "Making Magic" in English, was the final … Continue reading

Latest Play The Sims Online News

Online games giant Valve found to have breached Australian consumer law Online games giant Valve found to have breached Australian consumer law. Date: March 29, 2016. (29); Read later … The company behind one of the world's most popular video games websites has been found to be in breach of Australian consumer law. The … … Continue reading

Latest The Sims 1 News

'The Sims 4' DLC Rumors: 'Sims' Update Coming Soon, But No March Game Pack Release SimGuruDrake just shot down rumors predicting The Sims 4 would get a game pack in March. In late February, The Sims Community Manager also suggested last month's restaurant-themed DLC rumor is false. The Sims team may have something lined up … Continue reading

Newest The Sims Cheat Codes News

&#39The Sims four&#39 cheats: How to create and edit Hidden Lots Even the most hardcore supporters discover the simulation game &quotThe Sims 4&quot a tad tedious at occasions, and as a result developer The Sims Studio and publisher Electronic Arts make it fascinating with a host of cheats and shortcuts. In the most recent &quotSims … Continue reading

Latest The Sims Ps2 News

Infographic: 'Star Wars Battlefront' Beta Biggest Ever for EA The Star Wars Battlefront beta went very well, all told, with over 9.5 million players joining the event. Out of the nine million players to participate, more than two thirds achieved the maximum rank possible during the test. An ecstatic community … Read more on Breitbart … Continue reading