The Milton Sims Visiting Professor Professional Development Day

The Milton Sims Visiting Professor Professional Development Day
Event on 2018-11-16 08:00:00
THE ASO (SA BRANCH) IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE DENTAL RESEARCH AND EDUCATION FUND (DREF) PRESENTS THE MILTON SIMS VISITING PROFESSOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY Friday 16th November 2018 at The National Wine Centre (Adelaide) THEME: THE EVIDENCE FOR CLINICAL PRACTICE IN THE FUTURE The Milton Sims Visiting Professor Program is an initiative of DREF – the University of Adelaide Dental Research and Education Fund. This project was established in memory of Professor Milton Sims who died in 2006 after decades of teaching orthodontics, primarily at The University of Adelaide as head of department.  This November the University of Adelaide Dental School welcomes Professor Theodore Eliades as the third Milton Sims Visiting Professor.  Theodore Eliades is Professor and Director of the Clinic of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, Director of Research of the Center of Dental Medicine, and Interim Director of the Institute of Oral Biology at the University of Zurich. He graduated from the School of Dentistry, University of Athens, Greece, and completed the Orthodontic postgraduate program of the Ohio State University under Ze’ev Davidovitch. He earned a Master of Science degree from the Ohio State University, a doctorate in medical sciences from the University of Athens, School of Medicine, and a PhD in Biomaterials with D.C. Watts from the University of Manchester. His research has generated 210 papers and 45 book chapters, which have received 7,500 citations and an h index of 48 (google scholar). He has edited 11 textbooks published by major houses, with some translated into 5 languages, and has co-supervised more than 40 doctorates and Master’s at the Universities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Marquette, Manchester, Bonn and Zurich. He is an elected Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, and the first dentist who was awarded the Fellowship grade of membership from both, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Institute of Physics (UK). Prof. Eliades is Visiting Professor at King’s College London, has been affiliated with institutions in the US and Europe (Texas-Houston, Marquette, Manchester, and Bonn), served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Dental Biomechanics, Associate Editor of the European Journal of Orthodontics, the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, and Progress in Orthodontics, Editorial Board member in 5 and reviewer in 40 periodicals. He served as a member of the task Force for harmonization of worldwide postgraduate orthodontic education of the World Federation of Orthodontists and the revised Erasmus guidelines committee for postgraduate orthodontic education in Europe (NEBEOP). Prof. Eliades maintained a full-time practice (owner) in Athens (1996-2005) and has been involved in part-time practice ever since.                                                                                                                                                                   PROGRAM 8.00 am               Registration        8.30 am               Opening and Welcome 8.45 am               Professor Theodore Eliades – Milton Sims Visiting Professor Lecture                                                     From the wire to the PDL; how the properties of                            tissues and materials alter the deformation of the PDL 9.45 am               Professor Richard Logan- Lawrie Smart Lecture                           Oral pathology in orthodontic practice. 10.30 am            Postgraduate Research Presentation 10.45 am             Morning Tea 11.15 am             Professor Theodore Eliades –                            Lingual fixed retention; the lack of evidence and an                            attempt to derive Evidence-based guidelines on materials and techniques 12.15 pm             Postgraduate Research Presentation 12.30 pm           LUNCH 1.30 pm               Dr Tony Weir                            Aligner therapy; searching for evidence- a literature review 2.00 pm              Postgraduate Research Presentation 2.15 pm             Professor Theodore Eliades                          Future of orthodontic materials 3.15 pm               Afternoon Tea. 3.45 pm               Dr Tony Weir                             Disasters with aligner treatment; case reports. 4.15 pm               Professor Theodore Eliades                            Aligners; material properties force levels, ageing effects and treatment variables. 4.45 pm              ASO SA Branch – AGM 5.00pm               Adelaide Orthodontic Alumni – Drinks and Canapes  6.00pm               Close                                        
at National Wine Centre
Hackney Road
Adelaide, Australia

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