Wonderful Second Life photographs

A handful of good second life images I located:

Second Life, ritratto_00955
second life
Picture by yukali
Second Life, giugno 2008.

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2nd Daily life COUPLE
second life
Image by rafeejewell
Second Life couples do numerous things on the grid during their time collectively. We do a lot of purchasing and exploring. We also hang out with close friends at parties, activities and clubs. We have our favorite dj’s and favored clubs. Right here is a common evening for Xavier and me around the Second Life get together scene.

Kromatic is one of my beloved clubs for music, ambiance and friendly club proprietor and friends. I can rely on this club for a wonderful time. It never disappoints!

My angel and I met at Dance Island. So this club has plenty of memories and sentimental feelings wrapped in the events, djs, dancing and shopping.

We visited a new club referred to as Seashells. This kind of a rather club with cool lights. I loved this club very much. Plenty of friendly men and women there also!

Queen invited me to her airship for an art celebration celebrating Second Life artists. Stopped in there and TP my angel there for an hour of dancing there.

All these parties had amazing club effects, so Xavier and I headed to JMD Effects for a new particle hud. OMG! So exciting. I received the small one particular Xavier received the big 1! LOL! Can not wait to see the complete effecs on that hud!

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